Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TV Influencing Pop Charts, John Steel Singers and Flirting Online

This week on Diff'rent Strokes...


What's going on here? Robyn on Gossip Girl.

Jade and Dave discuss TV is breaking artists and influencing the pop charts today. Don't get it twisted. This is nothing new! History can attest to how music programs have launched many a pop careers but how has that relationship changed with viewers and music buyers today? We'll cover the Greys Anatomy-type soundtrack successes, talent shows and of course, Glee.


Jade reviews Brisbane indie band John Steel Singers' debut LP: Tangalooma. The six-piece band has enjoyed steady radio support for their tracks over the past few years and after purveying several EPs and a mini-album, here's the breakthrough album. Tangalooma debuted at #67 in Australia this week.


Dave is flicking on the webcam and showing a bit of leg. No, he's not. But he could be persuaded to, if you persist. Instead, our Diff'rent Strokes duo will talk about flirting on the interwebs. Think: how we flirt, tease and hook up on social media platforms like Formspring, Twitter, Tumblr and Grindr.

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