Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Winter Fashion, Forgotten Boybands and Janelle Monae

This week on Diff'rent Strokes... Jade and Dave are recommending music to each other.


It's the last week before winter kicks in and Dave decides he'll have the final say on what looks we're going for in winter fashion this year. Every retailer, fashion blogger and magazine is pitching their idea of what's in this season, so let Dave simplify it all for you tonight.


Jade is reminiscing on forgotten pop boy bands tonight. Maybe there was something in the water but who knew Jade went through a boy band phase? If you too were once struck with NKOTB-mania - this is the flashback you and your happy pants were waiting for.


Why is Dave touting Janelle Monae's The ArchAndroid as some album of the year? Tune in tonight to find out why sci-fi, Afropunk and funk works for this wildly creative American artiste.

Tonight, Jade and Dave will be recommending music to each other. Talk about an unprecedented collision of indie and pop!

Don't forget Dave's Destiny's Child Special tonight, 10pm-midnight on JOY.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?, Rophy Does and Foals

This week on Diff'rent Strokes... we've got a special interview with Rin and Sophy of the Rophy Does fame!


Who Do You Think You Are? Cue Spice Girls. No? Not this time? This week Dave puts aside the British pop and checks out the genealogy documentary show about celebrities tracing their family tree. Some of the personalities who have featured on the show include: Sarah Jessica Parker, Lisa Kudrow, Cathy Freeman, Spike Lee and Jeremy Clarkson.


Rophy Does deal out the lols. Check out our special interview with Sophy and Rin tonight as we discuss how their blog came about, Heather Hogan and the Rophy Does signature TV episode recaps.


Jade is reviewing Foals' new album Total Life Forever. Tune in to hear her thoughts on the British indie rockers and her picks of the LP.

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Name three things you've learned about Canberra on this trip... - Dave.

Canberra is cold at night.
Most of Canberra's Tegan and Sara fans are straight boys.
The streets of Canberra are like a ghost town on weekends.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cassette Kids, Studio 360 and Call Centre Workers

This week on Diff'rent Strokes...


Dave checks out Australian indie pop band Cassette Kids' debut album: Nothing On TV. Could this be another artist to bridge Jade and Dave's diverse taste in music? Take note fans of Klaxons and Yeah Yeah Yeah.


Jade will share an award-winning American podcast with us tonight. Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen "introduces you to people who are creating and shaping our culture". Kurt gets inside the creative minds of everyone from Ang Lee to Tori Amos and even, Dolly Parton.


Dave thinks he's done his fair share of frustrating call centre jobs and wants to vent his spleen. Hear Jade and Dave swap call centre experiences tonight - from a caller's and from a bored, unmotivated call centre bitch's perspective.

Do you work at a call centre? Or have you called a centre recently?
Tell us the craziest thing you've heard.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TV Shows To Hibernate To, 48Hr Mag and Comfort Food

This week on Diff'rent Strokes... we're snuggling with 'heartbreak' songs.

Join Jade and Dave for a one-hour pre-show special: Diff'rent Strokes - Heartbreak Playlist starting at 7pm.

We're filling in for Black and Pink tonight with a chilled music special featuring our unique mix of break up songs from indie-folk artists and pop divas.

Then it's on with the show...


Jade's got a list of TV shows you should hibernate to this winter. There's nothing better than curling up in bed or on a couch - and bingeing on forgotten TV series.


Love working to a tight deadline? Don't we all. Dave talks about a revolutionary new project called 48Hr Magazine that challenges to "write, photograph, illustrate, design, edit and ship a magazine in just two days". Adrenalin hit!


Jade and Dave will discuss comfort foods tonight. To coincide with our "heartbreak" themed playlist tonight, we want to know what foods to binge and indulge on that's guaranteed to make you feel like the world's a better place.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What constitutes as a heartbreak song?

Tune in tomorrow night 8-9pm on JOY 94.9 to find out! Ha. OK, that's a bit stiff.

Heartbreak songs are essentially songs with lyrical themes of love lost, break ups and other relationship tragedies.

As you'll probably hear tomorrow night - Jade and I both have very different taste in "heartbreak" songs.

I'm inclined to pick emotive ballads by divas and perhaps, even morose dance ballads - eg. 'Girl Overboard' by Girls Aloud, 'Love Never Loved Me' by Geri or 'Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer' by Sophie Ellis-Bextor/Freemasons.

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