Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shoe Swap: American vs. Asian Food Stores

Let's go food shopping! This week Jade and Dave swap shopping trolleys as they head into the other's favourite 'ethnic' grocery store.

(Sweet dreams: Dave will attempt to make a classic American dessert... Jell-O!)

After years of living with her American partner, Jade has become fond of particular American foods and brands... so this week, she's sent Dave to check out an American food store. Much to Dave's surprise there's wall to wall jumbo-sized dessert and seasonings! Tune in tonight to hear Dave wax lyrical about Jell-O, Dr. Pepper and peanut-flavoured pretzels.

(Move over Nigella: here Dave shows you how to prepare Oreo Jello!)

Meanwhile, Jade really should've tagged along when Mama Lim went for her weekly grocery shopping at an Asian food store! Tune in tonight to hear Jade report on her findings - everything from snacks to the endless variety of instant noodles.

(Asian persuasion: BoA joins other Asian artists on tonight's Diff'rent Strokes playlist)

In honour of this east meets west, yin and yang fest tonight... Dave's side of the playlist will feature Asian artists: you can expect everyone from Jin to Margaret Cho, Utada to even BoA.

So get your shrimp crackers and marshmellow spreads ready for a night of flavoursome radio!

Diff'rent Strokes Shoe Swap: American vs. Asian Food Stores
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Radiothon Giveaway: Diff'rent Strokes Toolbox

Jade and Dave have compiled the one of a kind Diff'rent Strokes Toolbox as a giveaway for JOY's Alphabet Soup radiothon.

Inside this toolbox: we have all sorts of Shoe Swap related paraphernalia. Subscribe to our Shoe Swap podcasts via the JOY podcast page and your iTunes store.
  • Tools for the toolbox
  • Lipgloss and eyeshadow kit
  • Footy
  • Mini Bonsai
  • Lego
  • Perfume
  • Beer
  • Toy fish
  • X-Files poster
  • Diff'rent Strokes Mix CD (feat. Jade's Song and a davidlim solo track)
  • Signed photo of Jade & Dave
So how can you win this amazing prize?

Simple. Call us on (03) 9699 2949 and sign up as a new JOY member or renew your JOY membership on Wednesday 10-11pm... and you'll go in the draw to win this Diff'rent Strokes Toolbox as well as other amazing JOY prizes.

We at JOY 94.9 are an independent voice for the diverse LGBTIQmunity... your support will keep us on air.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jade Struts In Heels!

A world first: Jade Gulliver slips into a pair of killer heels for this week's ultimate Shoe Swap!

Paparazzis surrounded the shoe section in a shopping mall as Jade the 'local celebrity' (see her shirt for further confirmation of authenticity) tries on her first pair of stilettos.

(The literal - and painful - Shoe Swap the world's been waiting for)

(Jade's final day in stilettos... gurl, you better work!)
(Jonny Wilkinson: Dave said he'll turn for rugby union if you teached him)
Meanwhile, Dave learns to tackle in rugby union and gives tips on how to kick a winning goal. And it always helps if a hunky Englishman show a brotha how...
To celebrate JOY 94.9's Alphabet Soup Radiothon, the Diff'rent Strokes is giving away a special gift pack for one lucky listener who becomes a JOY member on Wednesday 10-11pm.

The one of a kind Diff'rent Strokes Toolbox features all sorts of Shoe Swap-related paraphernalia: from bonsai in a box to a Britney Spears perfume, a cute Converse shoe key ring to a box of Lego... and much more! You'll also get a signed photo of the Diff'rent Strokes duo.

(Diff'rent Strokes Mix CD: featuring strummy la la musicians like Josh Pyke playlisted with popstars like Sophie Ellis-Bextor)

Including an exclusive Diff'rent Strokes mix CD: blended in our signature indie alternative meets electro pop style. Where else can you find a playlist of such contrasting proportions? From Josh Pyke to Roisin Murphy, Tegan & Sara to Utada, The Grates to Sophie Ellis-Bextor! Plus, your very own copy of Jade Gulliver and David Lim's solo songs. That's right bitches, we're crossing over to the pop charts!

Tune in and sign up to be JOY member or renew your membership on:
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And you can be in the running to win fabulous major prizes - and our own Diff'rent Strokes Toolbox.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shoe Swap: Sports Mag Meet Pop Culture

To celebrate the new issue of JOY's Hear Here members' magazine, Jade and Dave are swapping magazines on the show tonight!

(Is the magazine dead? Well, Dave would hope not! He's banking his whole postgraduate course on it)

Dave being a magazine editor with a penchant for glossy, pop culture magazines will hand over the frankies and pulp to Jade.

In return, Jade passes copies of her AFL Record magazine.

Tune in to hear how different readers of both genres of magazines come to use the publication! From comments on the heightened sense of materialism sold in pop culture magazines to the style and functions of the footy Record.

From fashion spreads with Galliano dresses to AFL team colours... there's never been a more yin and yang centrefold brought to editorial sphere.

Diff'rent Strokes Shoe Swap: Sports Mag Meet Pop Culture Magazines
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Thanksgiving vs. Lunar New Year

There's nothing like the charm of family get-togethers over the holidays...

(Gong Xi Fa Cai...)

This week, Jade checks out the decadent 15-day long celebration that is the Lunar New Year - and it's myriad of superstitions, including how to curse your maternal uncle.

(Gobble gobble!)

Meanwhile, Dave learns about Thanksgiving and Jade's love for canned pumpkin. There's much to be thankful for when everything is served with whipped cream!

Click here for your portion of the Shoe Swap.

(Blur = Britpop)

In other news, the entire Diff'rent Strokes Music Special: Indie folk, meet electro pop (20 May) is also available for your podcasting pleasure. 

"We don't see Diff'rent Strokes as a music show, really. Yet music is something Jade and I are both so passionate about in our own way! I for one, cannot be stopped... Bitch goes on a rant every time he back announces an Utada album track," said Dave.

But what is Diff'rent Strokes without their signature yin-and-yang mash of alternative music and pop? You say, 'brit pop'... Jade thinks Blur, Dave puts forth Sugababes.

(Sugababes = British pop)

Check out as Jade and Dave discuss how they consume indie and electro pop music - and what they look for in the genres' artist, performance and production.

Hear Jade map out the three degrees of separation between Jade music and Dave music.

Feast your ears on the Diff'rent Strokes Music Special podcast here.

For more of our podcasts: check out the vault