Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vintage Shoe Swaps!

Tonight Diff'rent Strokes will bring back our classic Shoe Swaps:

'Jade The Green Thumb'
Where sista gurlfriend right here keeps killing the cacti, Dave presents her the bonsai. How will Jade keep this piece of petite shrubbery alive?

'Dave The Handy Man'
Did someone say, 'can we fix it?'... Well yes Dave can! So he'll don the Hard Yakka and offer you tips on compiling your very first tool box.

If you wanna check out these full Shoe Swaps (9 Jan 2008):
head to or track us down on iTunes!

And just as a special treat: we're bringing back an old segment tonight... Diff'rent Strokes Flashback. What did Jade and Dave get up to in 1998?

Diff'rent Strokes on JOY 94.9FM
Listen here kids:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Indie, Meet Electro Pop

You're probably used to the schizophonic sounds of the Diff'rent Strokes playlist by now... but tonight Jade and Dave shoe swaps their favourite music genres.

(Jade going where few indie fans would go...)

Each week: you'd hear a strummy la la indie track in tandem with upbeat electropop. This week: Jade will slip on Dave's dancing shoes and explore 21st century electropop artists like: Peaches, Margaret Berger and even Holly Valance.

(Could Dave develop a deeper appreciation for indie folk?)

On the flip side: Dave will sit back with a calming cup of camomile tea and enjoy the dulcet tones of indie folk musicians like: Angus & Julia Stone, Feist and Iron & Wine.

As true music fans in their own right, could either warm to the other's contrastingly different taste in music?

Be sure to tune in as Jade and Dave nut out music tonight on Diff'rent Strokes!

Wednesday 10-11pm on JOY 94.9
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diff'rent Strokes Drive

Jade and Dave are filling in for Bridget on the Campervan this evening.
Join us for a Diff'rent Strokes Drive Home.

(Move over Tyra... our very own Jade The Model is coming for your crown!)

We'll be doing our signature Shoe Swap as always:
It's all in the strut, pout and knowing your angles as 'Jade learns to model'.
Meanwhile 'Dave Becomes a New Media Geek' gives you the low down on blogging and podcasting.

Have you ever had someone that, like, got all up in yo' grill?
Dave will give a Guide ToPersonal Space and how to best assert your private boundaries.

On the flip side - it has become apparent that common sense not that common anymore!
Jade's Guide To: Common Sense will hopefully help define what should be general knowledge or understanding - and when you're just plain clueless!

(From Girls Aloud and Ben Lee to Madame Butterfly?)

We'll also be having the delightful Dan Vo, host of The Fool and The Opera in to introduce Jade and Dave to opera. We can be cultured, right?

And finally, we'll crack open a Diff'rent Strokes classic with Jade Journals - ever wonder what a typical conversation between Jade's parents are like? Oh! The things our parents say.

It's going to be a very Diff'rent Strokes Wednesday indeed!
On top of filling in for drive... Jade and Dave will be returning for their usual hour of power from 10pm-11pm tonight as well.

A Diff'rent Strokes Drive Home
Today 4pm-7pm on JOY 94.9

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We're A Camera Shy Bunch...

As if.

Here Diff'rent Strokes duo, Jade and Dave, is caught in action by photographer, Nektarios.

All smiles...

"Gurrl, please..."

Jade's had enough of Dave's antics.

Be sure to join Jade and Dave for your drive home this Wednesday, 13 May from 4pm to 7pm - as they fill in for Bridget on The Campervan.

The yin-and-yang duo will of course, be on air again later that night at the usual time of 10-11pm.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jade, The Opera

Jade's crazy stunts to get on Neighbours has been an ongoing theme of Diff'rent Strokes when we aren't Shoe Swapping, so how could she pass the opportunity to sit in with the Fool and the Opera's, Dan Vo when he interviewed Jan Russ and Maggie Haggart about their show, Silly Old Buggers.

Hear the resulting rant that is, Jade the Opera.

To find out more about the Put Jade on Neighbours campaign, watch Jade's reality show, featuring David Lim, Diff'rent Strokes intern, Airquotes Dave, and Luke Axelby assisting Jade with an acoustic version of Jade's Song (What Would Ben Lee Do?)