Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vintage Shoe Swaps!

Tonight Diff'rent Strokes will bring back our classic Shoe Swaps:

'Jade The Green Thumb'
Where sista gurlfriend right here keeps killing the cacti, Dave presents her the bonsai. How will Jade keep this piece of petite shrubbery alive?

'Dave The Handy Man'
Did someone say, 'can we fix it?'... Well yes Dave can! So he'll don the Hard Yakka and offer you tips on compiling your very first tool box.

If you wanna check out these full Shoe Swaps (9 Jan 2008):
head to or track us down on iTunes!

And just as a special treat: we're bringing back an old segment tonight... Diff'rent Strokes Flashback. What did Jade and Dave get up to in 1998?

Diff'rent Strokes on JOY 94.9FM
Listen here kids:

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