Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shoe Swap: Relationship Advice

Diff'rent Strokes will discuss friendships and relationships tonight! So how exactly does a socially awkward person deal with difficult people? How can we get past one night stands to build meaningful, romantic relationships?

Jade has been in a stable relationship with her partner for many years. Together, they have dealt with long distance separation and all kinds of crazy work schedules... Tonight, the ever flirtatious Dave uncovers her secrets to making relationships work.

Meanwhile, Jade gets some conflict resolution tips from Dave on how to deal with difficult people. Even if it means z-snapping and getting ghetto on their ass!

Diff'rent Strokes with Jade and Dave
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shoe Swap: 'Style Boards'

You better work! Tonight Jade and Dave talk about fashion and where they wanna take themselves stylistically in the future. Together the Diff'rent Strokes duo has come up with 'Style Boards' - showcasing their favourite bits of fashion and hairstyle.

Jade examines Dave's board to find meggings (men's leggings), designer sneakers and La Roux hair! Meanwhile, Dave indulges in Jade's penchant for quirky, geeky tops and comfortable hoodies.

This Shoe Swap will explore how different people identify with fashion and discuss how 'fashion-conscious' we really are.

"Most people have a personal style. Whether you think you're Galliano's long-lost muse or the kind that is unphased with fashion. You've got style. The choices you make from your hairstyles to the clothes you buy are all influenced by the culture and media surrounding you. Together, they help you construct your image," said Dave.

Diff'rent Strokes with Jade and Dave
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Shoe Swap: Jade's 'Style Board'

Let's take a peek into Jade's wardrobe and check out her fashion wish list!

The workaholic, Diff'rent Strokes diva describes her style as, "looking like I didn't try but I really thought about it."


Plain hoodie
Something that's warm and easy to match with jeans is a priority. Nothing too 'brand heavy'.

T-Shirts With A Geek Factor
I own this one and it's my favourite at the moment. I tend to look out for indie band T-shirts or ones with some nerdy saying or pop culture reference.


Straight cut jeans
I prefer dark coloured jeans, usually in a straigh leg cut. A definite 'no' to skinny legged jeans.


Light knit jumper
This is my pick if I'm going for something a bit nicer (for smart formal dress codes). I like it cause it can be worn with either a T-shirt or button up shirt underneath.


Vans Shoes
Any kind of shoes with a bit of personality. It has to be comfortable and come in a variety of interesting bright colours. When it comes to pattern and style, nothing too over the top - I prefer subtle hints of creativity.


Goku Spikes
People at work always say my hairstyle is like Dragonball Z, which is kind of true. I like razored, short spiky hairstyles with a little unruly look to it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shoe Swap: Podcasts & Mood-Themed Playlists

Jade and Dave will be giving you plenty of ear candy tonight on Diff'rent Strokes!

Podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of digital media entertainment and so this week we thought we'll give Dave an introduction to Jade's favourite American podcasts!

(Here! With Josh & Sara: The American Diff'rent Strokes?)

Here! With Josh & Sara
- GLBITQ-munity news according to the hilarious Josh and Sara. Featuring interviews with artists, activists and many more.

WNYC Radio Lab
- Science, culture and sounds. Every episode sees Jad and Robert weave a patchwork of stories, sounds and experiences around a weekly theme.

This American Life
- An award-winning radio program featuring stories from everyday Americans from all walks of life.

Check out JOY 94.9's podcasts here.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the head phone... Jade tries to replicate Dave's peculiar 'mood-themed playlists'.

(Dashboard Confessional = 'Bitch playlist' material for Jade)

Tune in to hear Jade organise her own indie music collection into 'strut', 'bitch', 'survivor' and 'flirt' playlists.

Diff'rent Strokes with Jade & Dave
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shoe Swap: Flirt!

It's been awhile but Jade and Dave are back on the prowl again! Only for this week's Shoe Swap into each other's flirting techniques.

(Jade prepares to walk a day in Dave's flirty shoes!)

Tune to hear how Dave copes with subtleties and flirting like a socially awkward lesbian...
Meanwhile, Jade learns a whole lot about body language and dropping hints - only in the overtly flirty way Dave knows how to.

Diff'rent Strokes' Shoe Swap continues its ongoing social experiment saga as both presenters, from completely opposite ends of the rainbow spectrum, walk a day in the other's shoes.

(Bloc Party covering Girls Aloud? It was meant for this show...)

Tonight's Diff'rent Strokes music theme: covers. Expect the duo's signature indie/pop mish-mash featuring Bloc Party, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Starsailor, Sugababes and more...

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