Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shoe Swap: Jade's 'Style Board'

Let's take a peek into Jade's wardrobe and check out her fashion wish list!

The workaholic, Diff'rent Strokes diva describes her style as, "looking like I didn't try but I really thought about it."


Plain hoodie
Something that's warm and easy to match with jeans is a priority. Nothing too 'brand heavy'.

T-Shirts With A Geek Factor
I own this one and it's my favourite at the moment. I tend to look out for indie band T-shirts or ones with some nerdy saying or pop culture reference.


Straight cut jeans
I prefer dark coloured jeans, usually in a straigh leg cut. A definite 'no' to skinny legged jeans.


Light knit jumper
This is my pick if I'm going for something a bit nicer (for smart formal dress codes). I like it cause it can be worn with either a T-shirt or button up shirt underneath.


Vans Shoes
Any kind of shoes with a bit of personality. It has to be comfortable and come in a variety of interesting bright colours. When it comes to pattern and style, nothing too over the top - I prefer subtle hints of creativity.


Goku Spikes
People at work always say my hairstyle is like Dragonball Z, which is kind of true. I like razored, short spiky hairstyles with a little unruly look to it.

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