Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jade's Shoe Swap On YouTube!

Behold, our first ever Shoe Swap caught on film. Here's your advanced screening of tomorrow's "Jade Goes For Yum Cha" special. 

To coincide with
Chinese New Year celebrations early this week, Jade gets swaps the bowl of cereal for a platter of chicken feet!

Also on tomorrow's show: a special interview with a minister of a gay friendly church in Melbourne, as part of a
MidSumma special.

A not to be missed episode for sure!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jade Journals & Dave Gets The Urban Dictionary.

Never been one to coin catch phrases that actually work, Dave tries on a few hip new lingo in his Urban Dictionary Shoe Swap last week.

(Are you the Gretchen of the group? "That's so fetch!")

Check out the ridiculous sayings and even a bizarre call out for Girls Aloud fans across Australia, in the recently uploaded podcast. Also featured is the 2009 Diff'rent Strokes intro.

Meanwhile, the first chapter of the epic travelogue that is, The Americanisation of Jade is now up on Jade's blog. Live the drama, the sights, sounds and culture shock as our witty and observant Diff'rent Strokes presenter journeys through the USA!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last Wednesday, Jade and Dave took a leaf out of an Ellen episode and composed their own MadLibs.

(Our MadLibs inspiration, Ellen DeGeneres experimenting with hair products after listening to Jade's Shoe Swap)

For those not privvy to this fun, narrative game... here's how it's done. Write a short story, take out the nouns, adjectives, objects or whatever words that can be substituted. Then get a mate to fill in the blanks without them knowing what the story is about.

Did I just make that ten times more confusing? Watch Aunt Ellen do it with Courtney Cox - maybe that'll help...

And then attempt your own Diff'rent Strokes MadLibs story:

Once upon a time, there was a __________ JOY listener named __________. His bank account was huge but his _________ was bigger. He had anywhere between $_______ to $______ sitting in his wallet at any time.  

One day, after listening to a __________ show called _____________ on JOY 94.9, he decided to SMS in to win the ___________ prize they were giving away that hour. He soon got a call from _____________ who was working on program support, to inform that he's won the ________ prize. 

To show his gratitude, he decided to take her ________ out on a date to  _________ in his _____ meter-long, ______ car. She brought her ________ along and tapped her _____, ____ times for good luck. 

He wore a _______, ________ which reminded her alot of the _________, __________ she dated. And that's when she decided to call it a  night and take a taxi back home to __________.

1) Adjective

2) Male celebrity

3) Body part

4) Number

5) Another number

6) Adjective

7) JOY program

8) object

9) Female celebrity

10) Adjective

11) Noun

12) Place.

13) Number

14) Colour

15) Noun

16) Noun

17) Number

18) Adjective

19) Fashion item

20) Nationality

21) Occupation

22) Location.

In the meantime, keep your ears peeled for an all new Diff'rent Strokes 2009 show intro premiering Wednesday, 14 January. Fingers crossed, knock on wood.