Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shoe Swap: Work Desks

Are you the office decorator? Do you have various knick knacks, pictures of your cats and kids on your desk and a pot of assorted cacti in the corner?

(Nothing personal: popstars, fashion and hunky men adorn Dave's work desk)

This week Jade and Dave swap work desks!

Jade checks out Dave's work space - featuring various magazine clippings of popstars and some fashion designs he's done... meanwhile, Dave goes minimalist and neutral with nothing but a stationary holder and a PC on the desk.

Our Diff'rent Strokes professionals will get into the politics of work spaces. We'll find the balance of injecting a bit of personality into your work desk... and overcrowding it with utter crap.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shoe Swap: The Idiot Box

Our Diff'rent Strokes duo swapped favourite TV genres this week!

Prepare for a real treat as we hear Jade get into Dave's guilty pleasure of trashy, reality TV! Meanwhile, Dave discovers some of Jade's favourite televisual treats: axed American dramedies.

(It's all about Janice: it's her modeling agency, you're just in it)

What has Jade learned from the ever-catty Janice Dickinson about modeling? And has Dave finally gone 'straight-to-DVD'? Will he break free from the crowd and adopting a subversive series outside what's currently showing on prime time, free-to-air TV?

(Damages ran briefly on our Nine Network before getting the chop)

A real mix of televisual programs you'll hear referenced tonight:
- The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency
- Damages
- America's Next Top Model
- Weeds
- and I'm sure plenty more embarrassing shows will come out of the wood works.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Diff'rent Strokes Mix CD

Presenting the very first Diff'rent Strokes Mix CD: 'Strummy lala, meet fluoro-pop...'

Never before have we preserved the unique Diff'rent Strokes sound in a gift-friendly CD package. Featuring artists from Jade and Dave's side of the playlist - you'll hear everything from indie folk to fluoro-pop, from independent artists to little-known or upcoming pop acts.

In the mix:
- Ben Lee
- RuPaul
- Mates of State
- Utada
- Tegan and Sara
- Sophie Ellis-Bextor
- Rufus Wainwright
- VV Brown
and the very exclusive... 'Jade Song' by Jade Gulliver and a davidlim demo, 'Apres Matin'.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Coordinated...

A lot of thought and preparation went into this seemingly impromptu paparazzi snap...

(Dressed to impress... on radio! Jade and Dave with singer/songwriter Rosaline Yuen)

Team Diff'rent Strokes spent hours getting the lighting right, doing test shots. A stylist was called and so it's no wonder we all stepped out looking so ensembly coordinated! Destiny's Child, eat your heart out!

(We're not all cut from the same cloth...)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rosaline Yuen on Diff'rent Strokes

Catch local indie artist, Rosaline Yuen, on Diff'rent Strokes tonight as we discuss songwriting and releasing music!

(Rosaline Yuen makes cute, quirky indie pop! A Diff'rent Strokes preferred genre)

There has been a bit of a DIY-music theme to our Shoe Swaps lately! Last week, Jade briefed us on singing techniques and Dave gave a Guide To Auto-Tune...

This week we're striking the same chords to a diff'rent tune: with an interview with a recording artist and Jade getting into songwriting.

(Dave plays video games: how do you work this thing?)

It's all part of the dynamic duo's Shoe Swapping of 'down time activities': with a Monday to Friday schedule as hectic as theirs', this week Dave will unwind Jade-style with back-to-back video games... while Jade gets creative putting pen to paper.

Rosaline Yuen will join us from 10:30pm onwards! And we'll hear how a real working muso tackles the indie market...

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Check out Rosaline's Myspace featuring three new songs from her promo EP!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shoe Swap: Web Design vs. Singing Lessons

Following the passions of David Lim, Jade takes up singing lessons this week for an extra vocal Shoe Swap. The Diff'rent Strokes pair will also present a Guide To: Auto-Tune, exploring the pop music industry's fetish with pitch perfection.

(Dave's singer/songwriter idol, Natasha Bedingfield, enjoying some studio time)

Also on tonight's show, Dave takes a leaf out of Jade's online content work and skills up on good web design principles.

Tune in for another killer episode tonight:
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(From claustrophobia to choy sums...)

(Super-sized dessert and Dr. Pepper...)

(How did the T-Shirt go from under garment to walking billboard?)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shoe Swap Classic: Jade The Expert Gift Shopper

Tonight we'll be reliving some more Shoe Swap classics!

(It's the thought that counts... or so they say!)

Jade gives tips on being an expert gift shopper. Ever been stuck circling the mall for hours for the perfect birthday present? Fear not, Jade has 10 fool-proof tips to help you find just the right thing...

Details to download the full podcast:
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(Dave wouldn't be sitting this close if it wasn't plushy and made in Taiwan.)

In the mean time, Dave overcomes his awkwardness around animals in this week's Shoe Swap classics. Growing up with several negative experiences with pets and years of minimal contact with them thereafter, Dave shares tips on overcoming phobia of animals.

Details to download the full podcast:
Head to iTunes podcasts and search under Diff'rent Strokes with Jade and Dave - "April 16, 2008 - Dave The Animal Lover"

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