Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rosaline Yuen on Diff'rent Strokes

Catch local indie artist, Rosaline Yuen, on Diff'rent Strokes tonight as we discuss songwriting and releasing music!

(Rosaline Yuen makes cute, quirky indie pop! A Diff'rent Strokes preferred genre)

There has been a bit of a DIY-music theme to our Shoe Swaps lately! Last week, Jade briefed us on singing techniques and Dave gave a Guide To Auto-Tune...

This week we're striking the same chords to a diff'rent tune: with an interview with a recording artist and Jade getting into songwriting.

(Dave plays video games: how do you work this thing?)

It's all part of the dynamic duo's Shoe Swapping of 'down time activities': with a Monday to Friday schedule as hectic as theirs', this week Dave will unwind Jade-style with back-to-back video games... while Jade gets creative putting pen to paper.

Rosaline Yuen will join us from 10:30pm onwards! And we'll hear how a real working muso tackles the indie market...

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Check out Rosaline's Myspace featuring three new songs from her promo EP!

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