Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shoe Swap: The Idiot Box

Our Diff'rent Strokes duo swapped favourite TV genres this week!

Prepare for a real treat as we hear Jade get into Dave's guilty pleasure of trashy, reality TV! Meanwhile, Dave discovers some of Jade's favourite televisual treats: axed American dramedies.

(It's all about Janice: it's her modeling agency, you're just in it)

What has Jade learned from the ever-catty Janice Dickinson about modeling? And has Dave finally gone 'straight-to-DVD'? Will he break free from the crowd and adopting a subversive series outside what's currently showing on prime time, free-to-air TV?

(Damages ran briefly on our Nine Network before getting the chop)

A real mix of televisual programs you'll hear referenced tonight:
- The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency
- Damages
- America's Next Top Model
- Weeds
- and I'm sure plenty more embarrassing shows will come out of the wood works.

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