Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shoe Swap: Web Design vs. Singing Lessons

Following the passions of David Lim, Jade takes up singing lessons this week for an extra vocal Shoe Swap. The Diff'rent Strokes pair will also present a Guide To: Auto-Tune, exploring the pop music industry's fetish with pitch perfection.

(Dave's singer/songwriter idol, Natasha Bedingfield, enjoying some studio time)

Also on tonight's show, Dave takes a leaf out of Jade's online content work and skills up on good web design principles.

Tune in for another killer episode tonight:
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(From claustrophobia to choy sums...)

(Super-sized dessert and Dr. Pepper...)

(How did the T-Shirt go from under garment to walking billboard?)

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Anonymous said...

Convinced that Autotune is a Transformer. Here he is...