Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shoe Swap: 'Style Boards'

You better work! Tonight Jade and Dave talk about fashion and where they wanna take themselves stylistically in the future. Together the Diff'rent Strokes duo has come up with 'Style Boards' - showcasing their favourite bits of fashion and hairstyle.

Jade examines Dave's board to find meggings (men's leggings), designer sneakers and La Roux hair! Meanwhile, Dave indulges in Jade's penchant for quirky, geeky tops and comfortable hoodies.

This Shoe Swap will explore how different people identify with fashion and discuss how 'fashion-conscious' we really are.

"Most people have a personal style. Whether you think you're Galliano's long-lost muse or the kind that is unphased with fashion. You've got style. The choices you make from your hairstyles to the clothes you buy are all influenced by the culture and media surrounding you. Together, they help you construct your image," said Dave.

Diff'rent Strokes with Jade and Dave
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