Friday, June 5, 2009

Thanksgiving vs. Lunar New Year

There's nothing like the charm of family get-togethers over the holidays...

(Gong Xi Fa Cai...)

This week, Jade checks out the decadent 15-day long celebration that is the Lunar New Year - and it's myriad of superstitions, including how to curse your maternal uncle.

(Gobble gobble!)

Meanwhile, Dave learns about Thanksgiving and Jade's love for canned pumpkin. There's much to be thankful for when everything is served with whipped cream!

Click here for your portion of the Shoe Swap.

(Blur = Britpop)

In other news, the entire Diff'rent Strokes Music Special: Indie folk, meet electro pop (20 May) is also available for your podcasting pleasure. 

"We don't see Diff'rent Strokes as a music show, really. Yet music is something Jade and I are both so passionate about in our own way! I for one, cannot be stopped... Bitch goes on a rant every time he back announces an Utada album track," said Dave.

But what is Diff'rent Strokes without their signature yin-and-yang mash of alternative music and pop? You say, 'brit pop'... Jade thinks Blur, Dave puts forth Sugababes.

(Sugababes = British pop)

Check out as Jade and Dave discuss how they consume indie and electro pop music - and what they look for in the genres' artist, performance and production.

Hear Jade map out the three degrees of separation between Jade music and Dave music.

Feast your ears on the Diff'rent Strokes Music Special podcast here.

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