Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shoe Swap: American vs. Asian Food Stores

Let's go food shopping! This week Jade and Dave swap shopping trolleys as they head into the other's favourite 'ethnic' grocery store.

(Sweet dreams: Dave will attempt to make a classic American dessert... Jell-O!)

After years of living with her American partner, Jade has become fond of particular American foods and brands... so this week, she's sent Dave to check out an American food store. Much to Dave's surprise there's wall to wall jumbo-sized dessert and seasonings! Tune in tonight to hear Dave wax lyrical about Jell-O, Dr. Pepper and peanut-flavoured pretzels.

(Move over Nigella: here Dave shows you how to prepare Oreo Jello!)

Meanwhile, Jade really should've tagged along when Mama Lim went for her weekly grocery shopping at an Asian food store! Tune in tonight to hear Jade report on her findings - everything from snacks to the endless variety of instant noodles.

(Asian persuasion: BoA joins other Asian artists on tonight's Diff'rent Strokes playlist)

In honour of this east meets west, yin and yang fest tonight... Dave's side of the playlist will feature Asian artists: you can expect everyone from Jin to Margaret Cho, Utada to even BoA.

So get your shrimp crackers and marshmellow spreads ready for a night of flavoursome radio!

Diff'rent Strokes Shoe Swap: American vs. Asian Food Stores
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