Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blockbuster Culture, Jessica Mauboy and Fringe

This week on Diff'rent Strokes...


How does a movie, a song or TV show rise above the rest and make its mark on our culture? What is it about some arts and entertainment that makes them so iconic to the point where you don't have to consume it to know what it's about? Tonight Jade and Dave will discuss some of the world's biggest movies and shows - and what makes them tick with the masses.


Dave checks out the eagerly anticipated sophomore album by Jessica Mauboy: Get Em Girls. After slaying the competition with her platinum-selling debut album, J Mally heads over to the States to craft an album worthy of Sasha Fierce's weave and unitards. Tune in to preview several tracks on Dave's album in the blend treatment.


Jade gets geeky this week for the American sci-fi TV show Fringe and we don't doubt that there'll be some kind of ill-fated comparison to her beloved X Files series. You've been warned. As if the geek chic wasn't quite enough with the sci-fi theme, Fringe also has a comic book offshoot.

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