Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mike & Molly, The Naked & Famous and Gig Etiquette

This week on Diff'rent Strokes...


Dave checks out the much-discussed new sitcom about two plus-sized people: Mike & Molly. The show follows the life of an overweight police officer and primary school teacher who meet at an Overeaters Anonymous club and their plight to lose weight and dodge the fat jibes from family and friends. We'll also respond to the Marie Claire controversy where writer Maura Kelly calls it "gross" to see "fatties" kissing on TV.


Jade reviews The Naked & Famous' new album: Passive Me Aggressive You. The indie electro band from New Zealand drops their long waited debut LP following the success of their NZ #1 single 'Young Blood'. The band will be playing in Melbourne tonight and tomorrow night before jetting off to the UK and US later this month.

Check their Myspace for more touring info.


Jade and Dave discuss gig etiquette. It's all very timely seeing as our Diff'rent Strokes pair will be heading off to see The Naked & Famous after the show but first, let's lay down the house rules on talking, taking photos and singing along.

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1 comment:

That Boy James said...

Great show last night guys, Gig Etiquette is so important, I had a similar thing happen to me as Dave at the La Roux gig this year but lucky for me I had made the all important Gig-Friends, this group of people started to push behind two of the Gig-Friends so I gave them the death stare and problem solved.

And being of the tall varitey of people I will always move if some shorter is behind me, they didnt come to stare at my back, once I was at the front but feeling bad I ended up at the back due to letting others in front of me as I felt bad about obstructing their veiw.