Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dave Premieres (Alco)Pop Song!

The fluorescently camp half of Diff'rent Strokes - David Lim - will premiere a snippet of his new song, Alcopop, on the show tonight.

(Alcoholics Anonymous - anyone?)

But why has he been laying low with his Dream Chasers segment lately? 

"Personally, unlike Jade with her Dream Chasers - I get terribly nervous with mine. It's a dream that I've been so protective of and something I'm so keen to do. I'm like my own biggest supporter and critic," he confesses. 

The wannabe popstar begrudgingly pushed himself to contribute a segment this week in a bid to overcome his own 'stage fright'. 

"I think it's time I put myself out there instead of cowering behind the studio mic, hoping no one finds out it's Dave thinking he can sing" he said.

Alcopop is still in its draft stage and Lim claims even the producer - local DJ Matt Sofo - has yet to hear it.

"It's an upbeat, electro pop piece and is quite indicative of the musical direction I'll take with my demo," Lim announces.

Diff'rent Strokes: Dream Chasers
Tonight Wed 10-11pm on
JOY 94.9FM.

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