Monday, August 11, 2008

OH&S Targets Jade!

Diff'rent Strokes sweetheart, Jade Gulliver, is the latest target of tabloids for her diva misdemeanours. The radio star shocked fans after news leaked of her ill mistreatment of the show's intern, "Dave" (pronounced: Air Quotes Dave). Listeners were outraged to hear of Gulliver's outlandish demands of shoe polishing and one reported instance of "Dave" being asked to hold out his hand for her to spit out her gum before going on air.

Situation apparently escalated out of hand last week when staple presenter, David Lim, was away. A close source revealed "Dave" rushed out, fighting back tears and nursing what was reportedly a bruised eye. Gulliver couldn't be reached for a comment.

Conditions are reportedly frosty between the pair, many speculating an explosive tell-all by "Dave" this Wednesday as he does his MPR (Monthly Performance Review) with David Lim live on air.

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