Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diff'rent Strokes Q & A

JOY's infamous Diff'rent Strokes duo: Jade Gulliver and David Lim takes time out to answer some of your questions.

Dave gives JOY a shameless plug

Q: Jade, what's really going on between you and the intern ("Dave")?

A: “Dave” actually has a habit of intensely looking at me with those puppy dog eyes of his and given my well documented social awkwardness it makes me uncomfortable. I’m often prone to weird behaviour ranging from aggression to what may be termed ‘divaness’ when I’m in socially awkward situations. Besides, to paraphrase David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson when you spend so much time together it’s like a brother and sister relationship sometimes you love each other, other times you can’t stand each other. That’s how I feel about “Dave” right now, maybe I shouldn’t have made him move into the spare room at my house, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Q: Who would you have picked to sing the upcoming Bond theme instead?

A: (Dave) I don't know - this White Stripes dude and Alicia Keys sound like a pretty Diff'rent Strokes-ey combo to me, Jade! I like it. Although, I would've really loved to see Amy Winehouse do it though. What a shame! Remember kids - crack is whack!

(Jade) It is very Diff’rent Strokes-ey… How about to totally rip off one of our promos Deathcab for Cutie and Emma Bunton??? This new Bond is supposed to have some crossover appeal and we all know what Deathcab did for the OC and vice versa.

Jade in a whole other life!

Q: Is there a colour you wouldn't wear?

A: (Jade) I have two nevers in this life, one is wearing pink, the other I chose to let you imagine rather than reveal here.

(Dave) I seriously don't look good in orange. Hard to find anyone who is, really!

Q: What are your hidden talents?

A: (Dave) I used to think I was the only one who could curl my tongue. But soon realised I wasn't so unique after all.
(Jade) Oh, the tongue curl, it’s kind of cute you thought you were the only one! My hidden talent is the ability to tell what colour an M&M is just by tasting it. There are a lot of skeptics out there on that one, but let me tell you it’s actually a well honed art.

Q: Who chooses the music you play on the show?

A: (Jade) The music on Diff’rent Strokes is a personality all to its own. It actually is quite scary how well a Sugababes import only track and the latest from Ben Kweller compliment each other. To answer your question “Dave” has recently taken over the job of selecting what tracks demonstrate the inherent differences between Dave and myself.

Dave's beloved '97 edition Tamagotchi: as mentioned on the "Growing Pains" segment!

Q: Has Dave found a Tamagotchi yet?

A: (Dave) Umm! Yes, actually. They were going for about $25 at Toys 'R' Us - but I can't endorse that, kids. It's like the mutated nouveau kind. Not the authentic original series I grew up with in '97!

Q: Which would you rather - mow the lawn or knit?

A: (Jade) I was actually quite an avid knitter as a child and have also done my fair share of lawn mowing. I don’t know that I could chose without reinforcing a stereotype I’m not willing to actively perpetuate.

(Dave) Haha! You'd be surprised to hear this but I'd rather mow the lawn. Of course it'd be a vision much like Eva Longoria in season one of Desperate Housewives: in that episode where she's in her evening wear, working a lawn mower at night!


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