Monday, August 18, 2008

Diff'rent Strokes Q & A Part 2

Jade and Dave are back answering your questions. Read on to hear more about Dave's burgeoning pop career, the favourite podcasts of the dynamic duo, and of course more X-Files references from Jade...

Dave we're always hearing about your pop career when can we expect to see an album released?

An album sounds all too ambitious right now. I won't lie though, I am working on material for a demo as we speak. I'm most likely to make a party electro pop record. Stay tuned.

How do you respond to internet speculation that you are actually a straight couple posing as gay for fame?

(Dave)I'll always stand by the fact that I'm proud to be on a gay and lesbian radio station (JOY) but I draw the line at my personal life. The who's who of who I'm doing is of no concern to anyone but myself and the who.

(Jade) Dave’s right we love being a JOY show, and the awesome support we have there. Feel free to continue speculating away I love it when people use their imaginations.

I love your show. Do you have any suggestions for other shows/podcasts I should listen to?

(Dave) If you enjoy pop music and particularly, brit pop as much as I do, I'd recommend the Popjustice or Island Records podcasts.

(Jade) I’m such a podcast junkie so I could go on forever but the ones I can’t live without are; Here! With Josh & Sara, The Planet, Sunday Night Safran, This American Life, Street Stories, and Hot Gay Comics.

Dave your hair is always so silky smooth in Diff'rent Strokes publicity
shots, take us through your hair routine?

Haha! My hair is very much a tragedy right now as we speak. It's really not as high maintenance as you think. I don't splurge on branded shampoos and conditioners or products. I'd be as out of place in Hair House Warehouse as a gas plumber would be - not to perpetuate stereotypes of course!

Mya, Criminally ignored???

What song best describes you?

(Dave) Really depends on what head space you're at. Right now I'm really feeling a new Mya ballad: "All In The Name of Love" taken from her largely ignored new record, "Liberation".

(Jade) Apart from “Jade’s Song” you mean??? I agree with Dave it’s really hard to pick one, my top three would be: “Back In Your Head” by Tegan & Sara, “Run” by Ben Kweller, and “David Duchovny” by Bree Sharp.

Shipper or No-Romo???

Dave after your turn as an X-Phile would you say you're a shipper or a no-romo? What about you Jade?

(Dave) It's been so long since I put my X-Phile hat on. But I'll take a stab in the dark and say no-romo! Let's keep it strictly about the UFOs.

(Jade) Everyone starts out no-romo Dave. I love that their “relationship” doesn’t affect the awesomeness of the show, The X-Files is about all things sci-fi but lets face it, the show lives and dies on the chemistry between Mulder and Scully. As you might have guessed I’m a shipper all the way now.

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