Monday, August 25, 2008

Dave to Spice It Up???

Gossip obsessed bloggers are tapping their keyboards in overtime due to the latest in Spice Girls drama. Diff’rent Strokes diva and wannabee pop star David Lim entered the fray this week as a rumoured replacement for Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham in the latest amalgamation of the Spice Girls reunion tour.

Spice Girls: Generation Next???

Beckham is reported to be so hung up on her life in Hollywood she is not interested in being ‘Posh’ anymore. While the search for a replacement has been a top secret operation, keen Diff’rent Strokes fans caught whiff of Lim’s audition for the gig, and leaked the story on a variety of online forums.

Lim made headlines earlier this year when he went on a tirade and denounced the Spice-ys, refusing to play them on his radio program, as revenge for cancelling their Australian tour plans. He is well known for his Posh inspired appearance, so much so he has now replaced Katie Holmes as the most believable Posh-doppleganger.

Spice Girls management are refusing to comment and Diff’rent Strokes insiders aren’t talking either. More soon…

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Anonymous said...

Dave makes such a great Posh that on first glance I didn't even realise you'd photoshop'd in his face. You've got my vote.