Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best of The Decade: Online, Hair and Albums (Part 1)

Tonight on Diff'rent Strokes, Jade and Dave reminisces on the decade that is the noughties...


When we look back on hairstyles of the 80s, we think big, greasy and tons of hair spray... now what will we say when we look back on the noughties? Dave takes us through this decade's most memorable dos, from the boy band frost tips to the Posh bob...


If there's one message Jade got this decade - it's "geeks rule"! Hear our Diff'rent Strokes duo talk about when geek became chic and how inventions like the iPod revolutionised the way we consume music. Jade and Dave looks back on the decade that ushered in the digital music era and talk about the rise of citizen journalism.


Tonight on part one of Diff'rent Strokes' Best of The Decade, Dave shares his Top 10 Albums of The Decade. Tune in to hear Dave wax lyrical about the albums that have been significant to him - even if some of them weren't exactly top of the pops. PS - he is threatening at least one solo Spice Girl album in the countdown! You've been warned.

Tune in next week to hear Jade's albums of the decade and our best TV of the decade segment with special guest, John Richards.

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