Wednesday, December 23, 2009

John Richards, Street Press & Vanessa Amorosi

Tonight on Diff'rent Strokes...


We rope in John Richards of the Boxcutters (Triple R) and Outland Institute (JOY 94.9) fame to talk about his podcast programs. Our Diff'rent Strokes duo and John discuss the difference between preparing for a radio show and a podcast show, and how people consume the two media.


Jade steers Dave away from glossy magazines to talk about street press. How have Beat and Inpress - two of Melbourne's biggest live music street presses - managed to co-exist in such close competition? And what will happen when more print titles migrate online? We come up with a solution for Dave's "magazine sniffing" addiction...


Dave reviews the boisterous new Vanessa Amorosi album, Hazardous. Safe to say, our V Mama is an Aussie pop battler fighting against all odds in an Australian media culture ridden with tall poppy syndrome. Tune in to sample four tracks off the album, including her first Australian #1 single, 'This Is Who I Am'.

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daysally14 said...

AWESOME!! Love Vanessa Amorosi :)