Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wynter Gordon Interview, Melbourne Graffiti Art and Big Gay News

This week on Diff'rent Strokes...


Dave catches up with Australia's new fave debutantess of dance: Wynter Gordon! So much has happened since the last time they spoke in December - Wynter's smash 'Dirty Talk' has gone #1 (certified triple platinum sales), she's currently got five songs on our iTunes dance charts, and she's rocking festivals around the world.

Tonight you'll hear Wynter chat about the new single 'Til Death', the story behind her gay pride anthem 'Putting It Out There', and her love for Aussie men.

The full interview transcript will be posted on Dave's blog - Feed Limmy - after 10pm tonight.


Behind every urbanised block in the world, there lies a little graffiti culture. Tonight, we're checking out Melbourne's graffiti art scene - where it's best found and how it adds to our city's look and identity.


Jade checks out Big Gay News, a hugely popular daily podcast of LGBTI news, and talks about the impact gay focussed media has on our culture and community.

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