Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rainbow Brite, Political Youths and Arcade Fire

This week on Diff'rent Strokes...


Jade's hangs up her Domestic Goddess apron for the moment to reminisce on Rainbow Brite, the iconic (possibly embellishing now) 80s animated TV series. If this show was before your time, we've embedded the first episode to get you acquainted.


Politics, youth and social media. Sounds like the makings of a politics essays but no, tonight Jade and Dave will discuss how young Australians are expressing and formulating their political opinions through social media like Twitter and blogs. Politicians' Twitter profiles (the real and the fakes), programs like the ABC's Q&A and their #qanda hash tag - consider social media and the youth are shaping politics today.


Jade reviews Arcade Fire's new album The Suburbs tonight. The Canadian indie rockers saw their album debut at #1 on the UK and #6 on the Aussie charts this week. For those lamenting the death of CDs, the band has put out eight different covers for the physical album. Go collect 'em all.

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