Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vlogging, Cabbage Patch Kids & Sugababes

This week on Diff'rent Strokes... Hello, new segment!


Jade and Dave are proud to present an all new Diff'rent Strokes Flashback segment.

No more getting in a time machine and popping out at a random year - this part of the show is now dedicated to reminiscing on trends and fads in pop culture from the yesteryears.

Tonight Jade will revisit the Cabbage Patch Kids phenomenon.

Find out the story behind one of the world's longest running doll franchises and if celebrity Cabbage Patch Kids will ever make a comeback.


Dave talks about video blogging or vlogging. See how a little self-expression can become your claim to fame. We'll talk about some of our favourite vloggers and what makes them so popular.


Dave's practically wetting himself to review the new Sugababes' album, Sweet 7. Described as their most up-tempo and Americanised record yet, does the new-look Sugababes finally have what it takes to break the US?

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