Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tony, Unusual USBs & Dashboard Confessional!

This week on Diff'rent Strokes Jade and Dave reunites with fellow SYN alumni, Anthony McCormack. Tune in to hear the real voice behind our famous Diff'rent Strokes intro live and in action with us in the studio.


Our special guest, former Naughty Rude TV producer Anthony McCormack talks about life in community TV, Channel 31 going digital and a certain TV bigwig knocking on NRTV's door.


It's technically more technology than 'online' per se. Dave talks about the weird and wonderful USB flash drives! Why settle for a garden variety plain black one when you could have a Bento box or Yoda dangling from the side of your laptop?


Jade reviews Dashboard Confessional's new album Alter The Ending. As a big fan of old school angsty Dashboard material, how will she take to the new material? Tune in to hear an 'album in the blend' - letting you sample four tracks off the album.

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That Boy James said...

Great show last night guys, it had everything Utada, Sushi USB's and a Dashboard review. 100% agree with Jade and her comments about the sound of this album how it tip toe's on the edge of pop and indie but as i likes my pop it hasnt bothered me too much.

davidlim said...

I'm with James, I actually don't mind the album... but then again, I'm yet to distinguish one Dashboard album from the other.