Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Forget What You've Heard

Speculation has been rife all week about the possible changes to Diff'rent Strokes radio. With less than four hours until show time - and still no official word from the show's representatives... Jade and Dave take a moment now to separate fact from fiction.

1. Jade has done a Cheryl Cole, taking a break from the group project to focus on her own solo career. The Podcraft becomes a runaway success this week with 239,000 downloads and new subscribers - much like Cole's debut single, 'Fight For This Love'. [FICTION]

2. Dave is putting together new segment intros for an all new Diff'rent Strokes. [FACT]

3. They've had a significant line up change overnight, and both Jade and Dave were replaced with younger, hotter presenters: Nat and @bui. Much like the Sugababes' rotating roster, all auditions and recruitment were top secret missions done by management without them knowing. [FICTION]

4. There will be more of Dave's pop music references on the show [FACT].

Tune in tonight to hear Jade and Dave pilot an all new format of Diff'rent Strokes...
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