Friday, December 12, 2008

Trivia Night #1

Jade and Dave welcomed a new Trivia Night segment into the Diff'rent Strokes fold this week. Comprising of six general questions on everything from history to geography, pop culture to sport... Jade braves the seat as Dave hits out the brain teasers.

("I hope ya'll get my album titles right!")

Here are the questions and answer for those playing at home:

1) Where is the country, Bhutan, located?
It's bordered by India and China.

2) What was a gladiator armed with, in addition to a dagger and spear?
A net

3) What was the most lethal infectious disease of 1990?
 a) Chicken Pox
 c) Glandular Fever

4) What sitcom's scripts were penned with the help of an army handbook and a map of Korea?

5) Which of the following is not a Britney Spears album title?
 a) Oops... I Did It Again
 b) In The Zone
(c) Out From Under
 d) Blackout

6) How many teams are there in the Australian Football League (AFL)?

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