Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Celebrating One Year on JOY!

Diff'rent Strokes celebrates their one year anniversary on JOY 94.9 this week!

(Insert plug: Lim in a candid, unposed shot with the JOY logo in the old studio)

David Lim is back in the country, reuniting with his partner in crime - Jade Gulliver - to kick off a summer of Diff'rent Strokes mayhem.

Gulliver and the show's intern, Air Quotes Dave, entertained listeners for four weeks with their mini-series spin off, The Awkward Silence in November... all while Dave took off on a whirlwind trip to India.

"It's good to be back in the country and I can't wait to get on with the show! One can hardly believe it's been a year since we nervously debuted Diff'rent Strokes on JOY," said Dave.

(Opposites attract: Diff'rent Strokes' big plans for 2009)

The dynamic duo's kept the show on community radio airwaves for no less than 16 months in a row now. And while the segments have evolved, the passion Jade and Dave have for the show is still going strong.

"My love for Dave and JOY has continued to grow. We are part of a fun and supportive family who make us constantly try to improve our show," Jade affirms.

In the year since they began, Diff'rent Strokes Radio's begun podcasting on iTunes and have set up a blog in conjunction with JOY94.9's new online initiative for presenters. Their weekly podcast of Shoe Swap has earned the pair no less than a few hundred subscribers and downloads.

"Which is such a big deal for a small time Wednesday night show like ours. It's hard to believe that when the mics go on, that there's people streaming from New York and stuff... listening in on our weekly catch ups!" quips Dave.

(If looks could kill: intern Air Quotes Dave makes an arresting show debut)

The show's also seen the inclusion of a comical intern, Air Quotes Dave and the introduction of new rotating segments such as: Jade Journals, Spotlight and Headlines. Meanwhile, Lim hints the return of a 'fresher Shoe Swap' for this season.

"I've been very inspired revisiting our Shoe Swap podcasts during my trip and we've started brainstorming new ideas for the remaining shows of this year," he reveals.

Jade and Dave show no sign of stopping... and for the new year, Jade warns:

"In 2009, expect big things! We are that little show that could. Make sure you jump on the bandwagon now so you can say 'I loved them from the beginning',"

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