Monday, September 15, 2008

Diff'rent Strokes hits the town.

A select group of insiders including Diff'rent Strokes co host, Jade Gulliver attended David Lim's 21st birthday celebrations over the weekend at a celebrity hang out on Southbank.

A contact close to the pair said the diva themed party was an intimate affair full of the natural extravagance and amiable atmosphere that is a signature of the host. He was said to be quite at ease in his diva outfit, perfectly accessorising his outfit with Kanye West glasses and elegant black gloves. All were said to be impressed by Jade's attempt to out diva her co host wearing skinny jeans, layered polos, sunglasses, and a bumbag.

Diff'rent Strokes divas, Jade & Dave pose for the paparazzi

Diff'rent Strokes intern "Dave" (Air Quotes Dave) was seen taking a rare night off to celebrate with his employers. He was seen chatting quite freely to the pair putting an end to speculation about a riff between him and Jade, stemmed from Jade's diva like behaviour.

While it is claimed Dave went on to dance the night away, Jade was seen living up to her socially awkward homebody persona, slipping out of the party and home before midnight.

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davidlim said...

jade's totally fabulously diva! Mariah should be taking pointers!