Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things, US Skins and Dawn Richard

This week on Diff'rent Strokes...


We take a look at Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things - a blog dedicated to, well, the dear leader and his various seemingly blank inspections. Simple minds, simple pleasures. We don't get why this tickles us so but there's something very cute and odd about this collection of press photos showing the man doing nothing but observing things.


Jade checks out the American adaptation of Skins. Brace yourselves for a rant of grand Richter-scale proportions as our resident fan gives her first impressions of this controversial new series. The US-version premiered late last month - it'll be interesting to see how the show's controversial themes and language have been tailored for a largely conservative North American audience.


Dave checks out former Danity Kane diva Dawn Richard's free mixtape - A Tell Tale Heart - and talks about her interest in indie/alternative music. Safe to say, we'll probably end up fantasising about a Diff'rent Strokes-style cross-genre experimentation and explore why it would or wouldn't work.

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