Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Girls Above Me, Hellcats and Aussie Slangs

This week on Diff'rent Strokes...


Imagine turning your biggest annoyance into something of comedic value that's shared by all on the internet. That's exactly what Dear Girls Above Me has done - a blog/Twitter profile dedicated to one man's frustration with the two loud girls that moved into the apartment above him. Check out his hilarious "letters" to them.


Cheerleaders are arguably not Jade's type but for what it's worth, she's checking out the new American dramedy Hellcats. The premise is about a pre-law student, Marti Perkins, who has no choice but to join a college cheer squad after she lost her scholarship. Cue character clashes, underhanded tactics and rivalry.


We're celebrating Australia Day with our favourite Aussie slangs! Jade and Dave pull up a shortlist of Aussie slangs that they feel are still relevant in today and urges all Australians to keep a piece of our lexicon. You don't wanna miss this. It would be... un-Australian.

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