Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hung, Sia and Being A Good Intern

This week on Diff'rent Strokes...


Dave checks out the juicy new American dramedy Hung - about a struggling middle-aged high school teacher turning to male prostitution. As RuPaul would say in Drag Race, "you gotta use them skills to pay them bills!"


Sia is back with a sensational new album We Are Born. Jade and Dave discuss the Aussie singer's poppier new sound and previews a few tracks with our famous "album in the blend".


April from Parks & Recreation (pictured above) is like the perfect intern.

Internships and work experience kids, Jade and Dave have had their share of mentoring interns and being interns. Tonight they'll talk about awkward networking, work expectations and what it takes to be a good intern.

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