Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tamagotchi, Grindr & The White House Podcast

This week on Diff'rent Strokes...


Tamagotchis were all the rage in the 90s! Dave talks about this iconic Japanese hand-held toy, the Tamagotchi-mania and the perils of sneaking them to school.

We reckon the 90s gave us a faddish obsession with digital pets. I mean, didn't we all want an Aibo like Janet Jackson?


We're all familiar with online dating but this week Jade attempts to manhunt on the go with the Grindr app. Forget relying on your instinctive gaydar, this app will not only show you gay, bi, curious men in the area but will let you chat with them...


Shock horror! Dave enjoying a politics podcast?! Talk about a sign of the apocalypse if we ever saw one.

This week Dave talks about The White House Features podcast - and how it's sugar-coated politics for him (quite literally!)

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